Approaching our Third Anniversary

Beauty of Beginnings is approaching the three year anniversary of its commencement. On January 1st 2018 I started. 

The idea arrived on that morning. I thought that if I wrote a daily blog for a whole year I would then have a day book that I could publish. 

No book has yet been published, and I now have the opportunity for the best of Beauty of Beginnings. And several books. In time that will happen. But the time is not yet. Kairos time rather than procrastination. 

I enjoy writing – it gives me the opportunity to think things through, to ask myself questions, to consider… and I love hearing from you. So do drop me a note to say hi….and if my words resonate, share them please as I do desire a larger readership.

I have just written a long piece as a love letter to 2020. It has photos, a short very fun video, news, and other things. If you would like to read it you can access it here. I hope you do. 

Till tomorrow, thank you for being here,



Photo taken December 16th 2020

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