The best way to live

Chatting with a very long term friend yesterday and she said that it was so good that my dreams have come true. I took a moment and then said my dreams have not come true because I stopped having dreams a long time ago. 

This is not a bad thing. My kind of dreaming was future based. It involved images and particularities. It was embed in wishes that came from some sense of lack.

Some time ago I stopped doing it. I started to live in the present. I started to love each day. To live each day. 

Rather than dreams I practise intention. Intention is towards a purpose, but the purpose needs to define its own shape and form. The moment I impose my shape and form on the intention it becomes all about me. 

In a Syntropic World, all-about-me doesn’t work, for it is the grandest of all illusions.

All of the amazing things that have happened for me in 2020 are not my dreams come true. They are me meeting life each day, loving life each day, heart open, laughter just below the surface, engaging with the whole Universe, with people, in generosity and joy, compassion and care, and a clear head and strong boundaries.

It is the best way to live.

Photo taken December 18th 2020

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