We are a composition of archetypes

Archetypes are patterns from which copies can be made. To see a person who has the archetype of the clown, or the gambler, the peacemaker, the warrior…is to know the essential fabric of their being. 

We are a composition of archetypes, with a few leading the way we interact in the world. 

I hold the visionary pioneer archetype, with a twist of warrior, teacher and adventurer. Throw in some mischief, and natures child, and you have a pretty clear  map of my identity.

Nations and enterprises have archetypes. Source ideas have their archetypal pattern integrity.

A nation such as the USA has the rugged individual, the religious freedom fighter, the patriot, the opportunist. Each has their shadow and their light. The core thread is the atomised, ‘don’t tell me what to do’ archetype which is so intrinsic to the country that it might well be the nations undoing. Currently this individualised archetype is soaked in fear. I felt it when I first visited in 1983, when I was warned to be careful of the other – essentially anyone who did not look like me. Then after 9/11, it amped up the fold. Again in response to the other. And it has only become worse. It lives in gun possession. Property protection. Rights absent responsibility. Fear. Fear. Fear. We do not know how fear invades our bones until we are in a place where it simply is no longer required. Therefore the culture is largely unconscious to its pervasion.

Australia has a mix of underdog, egalitarian, ‘take-it-easy’ lifestyle driven archetype. “She’ll be right mate.” We are happy to go along with the rules as long as we can go to the beach, as long as it works for everyone. We do not like anyone to get too high in their station in life. We call that the tall poppy. People too big for their boots. Bring everyone back to the level playing field. And mateship is key. Take care of your mates.

Understanding our own archetypes and the archetypes of others, of nations, helps to make sense of choices. 

Neither right nor wrong. Different. 

Photo taken November 27th 2020

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