It is that kind of day to celebrate treasures.

Like the comfort of a friend of 20 years. Where the constancy of connection and generosity is so simple and true.

The touch of sun on bare skin. Loving that. 

A tree outside my window bearing witness to life. Home for the birds who sing me awake. Lizards who tempt my little dog into a frenzy.

The earth beneath my bare feet. Solid. Holding me. 

My breath mingling with yours, my atoms yours, the ocean I swim in touchings skin of millions.

The baristas who make my coffee so perfectly. Always with a smile.

Mangos of summer, juice running amok down my chin and arms. Mangos are an all-in kind of fruit.

My heart bursting with the joy of treasures. This, the simple, the connected, this is my church. Our Earth, the Mother of mothers, giver of all life. 

I pray we humans treat her as the treasure she is…our Mother and all her children.

Photo taken December 20th 2018


Beauty Of Beginnings

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