Celebrating turning points

Today is the solstice. In the south we turn back towards winter, in the north you turn towards summer.

I spent the rainy morning climbing hills with my daughter, each hill peak an achievement, before going back down. 

2020 is close to ending. 

This is life, cycles within cycles. Fractals within fractals, some large, taking millions or billions of years, many so small they go unnoticed.

I contemplate setting an intention for 2021 and realise that that is not how I live anymore.

My intention is set as a way of being no matter what. I believe in Kairos time – Universal time – and in justice that transcends human frailties. That means I show up giving my best, being actively engaged, knowing that the work I am doing might live in a future I will not be here to see. 

When I started this project, Beauty of Beginnings, I had no clue the metaphor in the metaphor. 

Each day we get to begin again. As Bucky Fuller said, there is no guarantee that the person who went to bed is the same one who wakes up. 

Each day we can choose to show up. To bring integrity, laughter, decency, respect, kindness, love and beauty. Or something else.

Consistently doing that, consistently holding a future for Earth and all her creatures, this is enough. 

Photo taken December 21st 2020

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