Exploring the edges of enough

What is enough? Enough love, enough laughter, enough beauty? 

Perhaps enough money, possessions, property?



When I was invited as a guest to the favelas in Brazil enough was very little and yet laughter led everywhere.

At Syntropic World we hold that a regular conversation about what is enough is critical to our culture and our mental and emotional health.

At the level of humanity I look at the gifts of Earth, and I look at how we humans have devised a system that says there is never enough. Those of us who won the lottery of birth, be that to a family of privilege or to a country of access like Australia, yet our first impulse is so often to continue to accumulate against some definition of status, driven from enough’s twin, scarcity. While billions of people suffer form genuine lack of food, energy, medicine…every day. 

As we slowly awaken to the reality of One World, with some countries seriously lagging in this awareness, it is sickening to see such obscenity of accumulation while people, through no fault of their own, struggle to make it through the day.

To live with a deep sense of enoughness is freedom. It restores sovereignty. It prevents corruption as a possibility.

I am blessed with such an abundance of beauty, love, joy, laughter, sunshine, health, genuine connections….

In gratitude I bow my head.

Photo taken December 23rd 2020

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