Our intrinsic identity as nature

In this great Southern land in which I am blessed to live, we have profited through recessions off the back of our abundance of fossil fuels such as coal and gas, and the extraction of wealth from the commons land. We as a nation have said yes to this continued form of money creation, even as we are also known for our abundance in sun, wind, waves. 

The easy road to short term profit and money creation fails us all. We steal from he past to pay for the present at the cost of the future while a few grow bloated with monetary wealth.

Repeat this story around the world.

I came to the conclusion that the operating system of our society is doing exactly what it was designed to do. Create vast monetary and political wealth for a few at the cost of everything. Our home planet. The majority of people. Our glorious creatures. Certainly our future.

The operating system I am referring to is our capitalist, economic, legal, political, governance systems.

It is time we used the most powerful exponential potential gifted to humans.  Collective minds working together synergistically to create solutions that place the increased well being for Earth and all her creatures as the central question.

Not socialism. Not capitalism. Not communism. These models are all past their use-by date. 

Humans, cities, ecologies, economies that partner with, collaborate with, honour and respect our intrinsic identity as nature. 

This is syntropy. It is towards this that Syntropic World is dedicated. 

If this is your vision, please join us.

Photo taken December 27th 2020

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