Sometimes the plans we had are interrupted by forces outside of our control.

Technical issues, email down. People unavailable for support over the holiday break.

The question….what can we control? Right now, email not working, web site not working, blog not able to be uploaded. Support not available. Other than leave a message and ask for help, the only thing I can control is how I respond to this situation. Do I let a perfectly beautiful day go wobbly because of things outside of my control?

How foolish are we when we do that? I have done all I can in the exterior world. My interior world needs to relax, let go, and wait, absent anxiety, pressure or upset.

Sometimes this is hard to do, which is an indication of our attachment to what we wanted to happen.

What I want to happen now is for me to ensure my day is wonderful, the incident is resolved as soon as possible, and that I do not let stress win over me when I simply cannot control the time or circumstances. And yes, these things have a way of happening over holidays.

Maybe, if I relax, then instead of working on emails, I could read a book? How delicious would that be?


Photo taken December 29th 2018


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