Loaded words

Like socialism. Communism. Capitalism. Fundamentalism. Authoritarianism.

We debate them, consider them with a mix of terror, ignorance, curiosity. We are repelled. Our sense making shuts down when someone mentions one or many of them. 

They are packed with history written true or not. 

A significant part of the world wants one or the other to be the way.

Is there a future that learns from these words, from their occupation in segments of civilisation? (Or uncivilization?)

Perhaps rather than any of these words we might create anew…not this, not that, not any of them. Instead that which transcends them all and seeks to create a world that supports the increased wellbeing of Earth and all her creatures.

We at Syntropic World are focused on this work…the next…the new models, new maps, new words, new ways. (That may actually be very very old, or carry threads of the wisdom of the ancients.)

Photo taken December 2nd 2020

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