Composting some of the stories we have been led to believe are true

Such as…

Trickle down economics works to uplift those at the bottom. (It doesn’t. Real wealth is genuine productivity that considers the increased wellbeing of all without cost to Earth or any creature.)

Big Pharma deserves to charge the prices they do because of the cost of research. (Tax payers pay for most of the research. Then we pay again for the drug.)

The wealthy can pay their way out of trouble. Or avoid COVID quarantine. (Only if we the people say it is ok.)

Merit based positions of leadership and authority are the best way to go. (They are not. Merit is generally only available to those with privilege and access to education and networks. Meritocracy is prone to gender and race bias.)

Our leaders of politics and business know what they are doing. (The investment in appearing to know is usually more important than telling the truth. Truth and integrity has become the sacrificial lamb on the platform of appearance and spin.)

We are all bound by the currency of our sovereign nation. (We are not. There are infinite numbers of complimentary currencies we can devise and use. At Syntropic World we work with Synergistic Accounting, considering value in 12 domains.)

Capitalism is the best system for the next 100 years. (It is not. If we continue on this path we will be like the greedy caterpillar that eats all the leaves….leaving nothing left..It is time now to create a system that honours the increased well-being of Earth and all her creatures, not just the few at the cost of the many.)

Business can lead change. (Not by using the current operating system. Too many believe that tweaking the system is enough. We must change every dimension of our business operating system if we want a world with a future.)

Collaboration is hard. (If you deploy tools such as the Trust Manifesto from Syntropic World, collaboration can be easy, joyous, fun.)

It’s too late, too hard, not possible….(Only if you say so.)

What stories do you need to compost as we move into the new year?

Photo taken December 30th 2020

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