Remains quite the mystery. It can speed up and leave us breathless, or slow down with an ache to hurry.

We can fall backwards into the abyss of yesterday filled with regret, shame, anger, blame, longing.

Or we can be sucked into a never ending vortex of tomorrow with an insatiable yearning. Never enough.

We can arrive here and wonder how the hell that happened? How is the person in the mirror remotely a reflection of the person looking?

We can close our eyes and fall into a deep dreamless sleep and be lost to time, to everything. And if we do this at least once every night, we have a healthy sleep.

Time and humans continued inability to know its fabric is, like the great mysteries, a tool of humility. We all reach a place where our time in this world ends. No wealth, no fame, no belief, no science halts the end.

Our soul, our spirit… that is another conversation that might live beyond the realm of time and space.

Photo taken December 30th 2018


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