The cycle of life and death

Getting to witness a new dawn every day is a reminder that the cycle of life and death touches us all. 

Cycles within cycles…inhale exhale. Dawn to dusk. Birth to death.

The cycles remind us that we have the opportunity to begin again.  Or to move to closure. And when we are at the effect of things beyond our control, to choose our response.

The part of us that is eternal, our witnessing self, has the ability to stand back and see the drama we have created. To know that tragedy has its gift. 

Life continues, even within the endings.

To stand back and see the vastness of Universe, to recognise our small moment in time, and within this larger frame, to question our why and what and how…is the act that makes us most human.

Too often we get caught in the small stuff, the petty. Forgetting that all of these things dissolve into insignificance when we stand on the final threshold.

Perhaps choosing to be happy, to touch others with our happiness, to be kind, to forgive, is enough?

December 31st 2018

Photo taken December 27th 2018