We are all creators. Be it the creation of a meal, a poem, a story told to a friend, a child or an enterprise.

Ideas for creation arise within us, from the compost of our being, our life experience, our unique skills and pattern integrity.

Some ideas are like small waves on the ocean, and they pass. Others seize us, like a swell, and we cannot ignore their call to be birthed.

We then become the stewards of the creation birthed through us. 

This role is one of partnering with the creation that has called our name. It is not for us to impose our will upon the creation, just as we are not to impose our will onto a child of our flesh. A child artist needs a field of art rather than a sports field.

Some ideas are complex, and they test the best of us in their birthing through to maturity. In the process, we, the stewards, become refined, more skilled, shaped by the entire experience.

Our role is to stay in continued dialogue with our creation. The responsibility of any steward/parent is to pay exquisite attention to what the creation needs to ensure it is brought fully into the world, and to be the guardian of that. 

Our ego will want to impose. Our courage might fail us against temptation to take what might seem, at the outset, an easier path. Others might convince us, against the rivers of our intuition, to turn left against our creations natural flow.

At each intersection, to sit in dialogue with the enterprise, to drop below the noise of a thousand currents pulling at your every thought.

This is hard work. The act of listening to the deeper current of truth. To trust self, your intuition, the responsibility you have been gifted as this creations steward.

You might consider a small team of others who hold you, your creation, and its Pattern Integrity as sacred. And who will lovingly call you out when your stewardship lapses, even slightly. People who will hold a field of optionality when the way looks lost. 

In creating Syntropic Enterprise where our intention is to leave everything better, the temptation to revert to business-as-usual, to impose old models onto new ideas, to take the easy money, the advise from others who know only the current model, the well worn path that leads to more of that which creates division and systems derangement, will be ever present. We do not know what we do not know.

The imperative to dialogue daily, in profound listening to our enterprise, is the oxygen of its existence.

Photo taken December 3rd, 2019 



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