To be an active participant, by choice, of any enterprise or endeavour, is to give your precious time, energy and love to something that calls your name.

To create the threshold crossing, the entry into the enterprise, we might consider taking time to align participants and the field in which we are choosing to give our precious time and love.

This activity requires an investment of time, love, care, consideration.

If people are not willing to consciously and diligently invest in the activity of aligned threshold crossing, or if they skip this step, and jump right in, there is a potential for greater dissonance as time passes.

To build anything that endures, that is imbued with love, that seeks to leave everything it touches better, the threshold crossing commitment will reflect this.

This applies to partnership, a business, an intimate relationship, a community.

If people are not willing to do the hard work at the front end of participation, they are unlikely to do the hard work required on the other side. 

Photo taken December 8th, 2019 


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