To push requires extra energy. 

Perhaps our bottomless fatigue is in part a side effect of relentless pushing. 

We push to be heard, to feel relevant, to gain status, to succeed in a way that is cultural manufactured, to pay the bills..

We push to get our marketing message out, to ‘get’ the sale as if it is something to be owned rather than invited.

There are times that pushing is the appropriate strategy. But to inhabit a pushing stance as a way of being is counter to the flow of life.

We might pause and question…”What are we pushing?” If we put the energetic cost, the spiritual, emotional, and physical cost onto the balance sheet of our life, along side happiness, intimacy, connection…is this the appropriate strategy for our life? For our business? 

What are we pushing for? 

Photo taken December 7th, 2019 by Tony, showing the smoke haze now ever present along much of the coast of Southern Queensland, NSW and Victoria due to ongoing bushfires.


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