Reframing failure

Imagine if instead of failure we successfully discover something that does not work?

If you were raised in a household that taught you about successfully discovering what doesn’t work, talking about it, learning from it, as a success…how might your life have unfolded?

In our workplace. We are committed to successfully discover how things do not work. To that end we must explore what did not work with engaged curiosity and find the success within it.

Almost all of us have been beaten down by the sense of failure in some aspect of our life. For many of us this experience can be crippling.

Repeating the same thing that didn’t work the first time might be worthy of our attention as a failure because that means we did not apply a success lens to the original experience to determine what went wrong and why. 

But the first time. Let’s successfully fail.

Photo Taken February 13th, 2019


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