There is a moment that arrives for all of us, more than once.

We stand at a punctuation point of our life. A moment to choose. Do I step forward, or retreat?

Fear is present. Our heart races. We are filled with doubt…the million and one questions tumbling over each other, each one seemingly bigger than the last.

There is really only one question.

If I step forward do I move to expand? Or, its opposite, if I step back, do I move to contract.

Retreat and contraction are not bad. We might know that the timing is off. That it is better to wait, to hold, to discover the field.

But to retreat knowing that in our retreat we are saying NO to the life we have been blessed to animate is to deny ourselves and others the blessing of our gift.

Is it time to step forward? To step into the fear?

To meet fear and look it squarely in the eye as you cross its threshold?

Only you know the truth. 

Photo taken February 18th, 2020


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