Power corrupts. 

And there are those who corrupt power itself. 

Deliberately and wilfully dismantling the structures that have been designed to prevent those in power from being held to any form of account.

The desire for ultimate power over, for having not a single someone or something to keep us in check, is the archetypal pattern of the rogue state. The story of Empire, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings. It doesn’t happen with one fell swoop, but rather with small transgressions, micro-agreements, that numb us into a new normal.

The part of each of us that seeks domination over, that wants power and control, is not a part to be hidden in the shadows. We need to face it full on. To architect structures that never allow it to run riot.

Humility, to be brought to our knees, to hit the dirt, is the counterfoil to dominating power. Humility as a practise keeps us from rising into the heavens of addictive dominating power.

Photo taken February 1st, 2020


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