Once upon a time I brought the story of busy. The rush. The hit from having a to-do list that never ended. The feeling of self importance that you were on a road to somewhere by being so busy.

Fortunately I woke up from this delusion.

Busy squeezes out spaciousness. And spaciousness is the source of creativity.

Busy also excludes connection with the elements of life, that in the end, matter most. 

Time with loved ones, real unbounded time.

Connection to nature.

Connection and conversation with yourself.

Where are we rushing to? Is it that important? 

To what or whom are we dedicating our life force energy? 

Where is the space to breath, to sink into the marrow of our being, to reconnect to the Source Idea of our business, with the thread of our life, with those who hold us steady?

Perhaps this is where we begin again. And if not through our conscious actions then through being broken by life that says enough to busy BS.

Photo taken February 21st, 2020


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