Isolation is the enemy of wealth

But first, what is wealth? Etymologically, wealth is well being, happiness, prosperity and good health. Our current society has reduced the meaning to only one form. Financial.

To be wealthy is to be whole and happy, to not be wanting in any domain. 

The aspiration I hold for the world is that all humans would be approaching an increase in wealth without ecological offence or the disadvantage of anyone.

We are limited in our isolation. Possibility is squeezed out. Synergy is absent. Creativity is reduced.

The joy of abundance is a Team Human experience. 

The seed of this blog was to share a sunrise with you, and invite a collective contemplation. The sunrise as a solo experience is missing the joy of sharing.

Even financial wealth is a hollow experience without the joy of sharing.

Over food, wine, in nature, with beauty, together. Wealth is a life shared with love and gratitude.

Thank you for being here.

Photo taken February 22nd 2019


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