Letting go…

Sometimes we pour our love into something, investing our whole selves towards the birth of an idea, a business, a project, a relationship…and despite everything, it fails to become what we had hoped and dreamed.

Or people take, and take more, from our generous spirit when we believed they would see us for our giving and honour that in some way. But they do not.

Sometimes we become sick with an illness that cuts down our lives, way before we expected.

Or we are born into a nation, or family, where our value is negated by others at birth.

There is little we can control except how we respond to what happens. Learning this lesson is one of our hardest to master. With its mastery come the ultimate freedom.

The freedom to be at choice in a dignified way, bringing light to the darkness, instead of propagating more darkness. And as such, walking, living, breathing in light.

Letting go to Universal order, where the pattern integrity is forged in the expanse of time.

What have you been seeking to control that you need now to let go?


Photo Taken March 5th 2016

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