Our art, our heart..

To create our art in the world…to give our all to produce something exquisite, something towards which we have called on our whole self to create..

our life experience to here,

our inborn skill,

our collective pleasure and pain,

our lessons learned through the crucible of time.

To birth a poem, an enterprise, a movement, a relationship, networks, community, a meal…

And to do so with love and tenderness.

With such care for the creation..that within the field of our creation is woven all of the qualities of love, beauty, generosity, care.

This is the artisan.

In a world of average and same, the longing for the artisan is like a hunger that has no end until it finds peace from the experience of the exceptional.

On this day, as I eat my artisan crafted-over-two-days croissant*, not only am I nourished by the food, I am nourished by the love that exists in its creation. A meal for kings and queens and lovers of sunrises.

Make art. Make love. Live heart.

Is there any other choice?


Photo Taken May 6th 2016

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