Neither success nor failure, but useful

Geometry is the study of relationships. For any structure or form to hold its shape – to neither explode or collapse, it requires a geometry that has integrity. 

Build a cube with toothpicks and jellybeans and it will collapse unless you triangulate it.

Human relationships have geometric integrity. Solo humans are ineffective, simply because there is an absence of relationship.

In our cultural conversation about success or failure we negate the conversation about human relational geometry. Who is on the team, how we co-ordinate and collaborate as humans in relationship.

We also fail to consider that rather than success or failure we might instead focus on how many people we make a positive and lasting impact on in our being and work.

Our genius, when synergised with the genius of others, and then offered in service to as many people as we might impact, is the great work.

Measure usefulness to others. Lasting, profound, long term impact to support humans and all of life thriving in Universe.

This is to live. This is to know success.


Photo taken February 26th 2019


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