What is the one thing, that if I do that, all else will become easier, or even unnecessary?

I ask myself this, on this beautiful extremely warm Australian morning.

We have heard it before and it is worth repeating. Keep doing the same thing and we keep getting the same result.

I have also written about the power of micro-changes, taken daily, persistently, and how they effect change over time.

A micro change can be as simple as spending 5 or 10 minutes doing something, every single day…

Like meditating, journaling, cleaning, walking, lifting weights, calling your loved ones, marketing, planning…

Simple simple things, that in isolation mean nothing, but done consistently move us towards that which we want.

What is that one thing? Consider multiple categories…at home, your work, relationships, the project that is taking your, money..

Dig deep, ask hard, face the thing. (It can be scary)

Then do it with your whole heart.

Photo taken February 3rd, 2020, by Natalie


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