We have more people and money working on social media algorithms seeking to manipulate our decisions than we do on solving clean water for all of humanity.

How is this even mildly acceptable?

How did we reach a place where the arms industry makes so much profit for so few and seeks to fuel the flames of war and terrorism to keep their machine going, and then we refuse compassion to the legitimate victims of war who seek refuge.

What can we do? 

First we can educate ourselves, read widely, know that the computer and devises we are using have been designed to manipulate our thinking and are far more skilled at doing this than any other propaganda machine. 

Then we can choose to focus on the good, the true and the beautiful. On building enterprise and communities that are generative at minimum, regenerative ideally, that consider the 100 year plan, that leave the earth on better shape, that treat all humans and creatures with dignity and respect, love and care.

And we can speak up, often and regularly. Vote. Write. March. Be active. Call out lies and corruption. Be whistleblowers.

If we are not in the arena, if we are not doing what we can, then we have no right to complain.

We have little time to get our priorities right. Either this, or be part of the zombie nation.

Photo Taken February 5th, 2019


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