Let’s speak of desire.

Not the packaged form of desire that our culture reveres, which is more akin to addiction and superficial want.

Not the desire of lust, which is a sign of the hollow shell of our emptiness.

But desire, the deepest clearest wanting that lies below the grasping.

To separate the reflexive desires we have been taught to want…the next gadget, the perfect partner/trophy, the bright shiny thing that will sate us for a nanosecond…from the truth that is calling for our souls to act in alignment with our desire, is for many, not an easy task.

The overwhelming success of our media marketing machine has confused us to what we really desire. Our cultural indoctrination has told us that real desire is forbidden. We are not worthy of having desires, yet alone having them be realised.

Instead we spend our days and earnings on empty stocking fillers, wondering why we feel so hollow as a constancy.

Our desires, our authentic call towards what is being born from within us, is the first act of bringing to life the very thing that we are born to steward, and in the process, finding our joy.

At the dawn of a new day, take a moment to ask what it is you deeply desire on this day?

Keep asking…interrogate what arises. If this desire was made manifest, what would you have? And then what..and again, then what.

Our real desire arises like a laser signal from the dark, piecing any illusions of the gods of the forever hungry.

Real desire, once presenced, cannot be put away. Once acknowledged it needs to be stewarded into existence. It will whisper to you in the night, it will tickle your edges. It will not remain silent.

We spend most of our life chasing false gods of desire.

Today, seek to attend to your deepest desire. And perhaps, at the dawn of every new day, begin with connecting with your deepest desire.

It takes practice to discern between the false gods of desire and that which is calling from the depths of your soul.

Go there…go to the depths.


Photo Taken October 16th 2014

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