Resistance, passivity and active participation.

Passivity is an agreement with helplessness. There is a potential for passivity to transmute to the status of victim.

Resistance is to fight, expending high energy to block flow. There is an undercurrent of aggression.

Active participation is to jump into the stream, to acknowledge that this is the direction and that our participation towards an alternative outcome is through engagement.

When considering options, consider the energy you are seeking to influence or change.

Passivity may be the aligned and appropriate response. Know its price, and in making the choice for passivity, know that your own resistance will be towards becoming the victim.

The price of resistance is the energy cost, and the temptation to become the very thing you are seeking to transform. Anger, hostility and fight back.

Active participation is the recognition that we have arrived to this point, and rather than bemoan the past, to become engaged in creating the future. There is an acceptance that may taste like poison as we commence. A hand out in conciliation and diplomacy to the impulse we find so abhorrent.

Three possible paths, three possible choices for action. 

Photo Taken February 7th, 2019


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