How do we nurture human and planetary health by redesigning the human presence on Earth?

So asks Daniel Wahl in the conclusion of his book, Designing Regenerative Cultures.

It is a big question. Here at Syntropic World we love big questions…questions that do not have a single answer, but insist, in their asking, that we turn to the world we know is possible.

Questions that invite collaboration, contemplation, consideration. (Consideration means with the stars…I so love this word.) That need the principle of principles, Synergy, to be fully at play.

Our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health is not good…our planetary health is clearly physically damaged….and I would suggest deeply damaged in other unseen, unable-to-be-measured ways. We can no longer treat humans and earth, oceans and animals, as commodities for exploitation for our private gain. 

I invite the child in you…the part of you who knows the wonder of watching an ant lift impossible loads…the butterfly, so pretty, move from flower to flower….the feel of grass under bare fall in love again with life, nature, beauty. To trace the lines of a beloved’s face…etched from one million heartbreaks, from the beauty and pain of struggle to exist, to be relevant.

We need to nurture our health, the health of others, and the health of our planet with a reverence that knows awe, delight, beauty, wonder….

Not insignificant. Essential.

Please join us this Thursday, October 15th for the Syntropic Alumni + Open Call. Our guest is Daniel Christian Wahl, author of Designing Regenerative Cultures, plus Manuela Damant, our Syntropic Alumni, speaking on the implementation of Syntropic Principles into her venture. I will be giving a short taste of Synergistic Accounting- ensuring all value is seen, heard and honoured. Register here.

Photo taken October 14th 2020

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