Sometimes there is too much beauty. Too much generosity. Too much love.

Is this possible?

Perhaps we have contracted and allowed our selves to be diminished? Allowed our selves to be beaten down by life.

To stop.


Let it all in.

All that we have stepped over. All that we step over every day.

The magic of the ant and its army of friends taking over my house.

The touch of the breeze.

The beat of the song.

The feel of water.

The gift of a smile.

To risk opening our heart to the magnificence of the normal and mundane.

To begin again in this next moment.

Allow all the beauty in.

Say yes to the smile of a stranger. The joy of a dog pleased to see you.

Say yes, again, to raw, magnificent beauty, given freely to you – demanding nothing from you.

Start here.

Photo taken 31st May 2014

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