Many of us have had occasion to wake from a dream and realise we had been caught in a net of belief that was obviously not real. We wonder how did that happen? How did we get caught in the spin and spell casting that turned our rational mind to mush?

Then there are those who are masters of spell casting. They know how to profit from fear, to build on a scarcity myth, to put themselves out into the world as a person of influence, connections, smarts.

Add to this the milieu of social media and algorithms and fame gained must, in these times, be held as deeply suspect.

Those who occupy the glittering pedestals of fame and followers need to be especially examined. 

What is their true intention? Are they acting in service to others? Not as spouted gospel, but genuinely in service to others? Do they care naught for their own ego, their own status, their own prize? Or is their selfishness and narcissism the source of their actions?

We are so easily hoodwinked. This is what the very well designed for profit algorithm is doing. Hoodwinking us all. 

The greatest propaganda machines in human history are laughing all the way to the bank as peoples minds are possessed by foolishness. 

Is it censorship? Really? To cap the spigot of propaganda that has fame built on hate, division, righteousness, especially when our sense making and discerning capacity is non-existent?

And those crying out at the spigot being turned off (too little, too late), are most likely to be those who profit from the fame generated by these hate machines. 

Photo taken January 12th 2021

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