If I allowed myself to really feel the pain of all the animals and life that have died in the Australian bush fires, the burnt homes and all they mean to the families who  lived in them…the human deaths..

If I really sank into the full scope of the feeling..

I do not think I could move…or function..the pain of the feeling would be too much to bare.

If I think about the way we enslave people, exploit…the innocents in war zones created by others who do not see them as human but rather casualties of their agenda that doesn’t care less..

If I sink to the ground and feel Earth, touch a lone tree surrounded by concrete…feel the decimation of land, nature, forests..

I might never get up again…the pain too vast.

Rather I hold it at bay. Easier to think about it, than to feel. To look at the numbers, examine the price…the cost..

And every now and then, when I have reserves, to take a bite size moment to feel…enough to fuel my own fire of action towards a world with a future.

There is a rage inside me. Channeled with skill, rage, pure rage, is an exquisite force. It has us get out of our inertia. Rather than direct it at someone, we might instead use our rage to make better things, design better systems…for a world with a future.

This my why behind everything I do. Because we can create a more beautiful world for Earth and all of her creatures.

This is the “what” behind To do this. 

Not a minute to waste. I hope you join me. 


Photo taken January 14th 2020


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