I believe Part 2

Most people know there is a more beautiful world that our hearts long for. Yet many are afraid to act towards this more beautiful world for their lives are too invested in the incumbent system.

Human value is almost always reduced through our current metrics.

To reduce the value of a shared sunrise to a financial price is the ultimate act of treachery to affirming life.

That we have commoditised childcare, eldercare, health and education is a crime to human dignity.

If we looked at what most of us are employed to do we spend our days adding almost no value to society producing Obnoxico. This at the cost of our Soul.

Technologies like blockchain can enable new forms of value accounting, but the reflexive response is to overlay our current system on top of the new technology and call that innovation.

Innovation is rare. We are more than likely re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Real transformative innovation is about building new boats.

We want to fall in love with the businesses that serve us. But almost all of the time we tolerate average.

We want to fall in love with the businesses we work for. But almost always we suffer indignity and waste, for no purpose that inspires us to greatness.

We want to show up to work fully ourselves. Not living behind a mask of partial contribution.

If leaders really enable their human employees to bring their full selves to work, synergy might actually occur, where the outcomes would be beyond imagining.

Almost every human at work feels unseen, unheard, undervalued.

People, given the right environment, are far more able than we give them credit.

Modern slavery is alive and flourishing. We call it minimal wage. We also call it working in child care, housekeeping, cleaning and most human caring services. (Essential services)

Charity is the after tax of the absence of consciousness and asking better questions about supporting all-human thriving. 

You need more management mostly when you don’t have enough motivated people. Motivation comes when we care.

Money might be the least valuable compensation you receive.

Shame is an industry. So is fear.

The sum total of the worlds technology is operating at very low levels of efficiency.

Democracy isn’t a spectator sport.

Being underestimated is one of the biggest competitive strengths you can have.

In a healthy society every person has the right to resources to safely live, learn, heal and grow the best versions of themselves.

Natural stupidity and ignorance rather than artificial intelligence remains the greatest risk.

Externalities means destruction for financial and power profit.

Spending huge amounts of money to defend what we have, like rising sea levels, rather than making it better, is a loss equation.

A business should only grow as big as it needs to serve its purpose and no larger.

For these reasons and more we are invested in creating a Syntropic World.

Photo taken January 14th 2021

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