Entangled in rules set by others before we can determine if we want to make them our own, many of us have a warped relationship with desire.

I was taught that to desire is sinful. Something to be suppressed.

Yet desire that arises from our soul, from within the marrow of our being, is the seed of creativity, the two elements, like strands of DNA emerging out of the field of our being.

Desire begins the heavy lifting of birthing ideas, projects, creativity, relationships and even humans… into existence.

Many of us have become so disconnected from our desire that to taste it requires a practise of deep listening and connection. We must learn to trust again desire that arises pure, and distinguish it from the addictions and cravings of our emptiness.

What is it you deeply desire today? Drop below the waves of your being and feel into the current of desire.

Photo taken January 14th 2018

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*shout out to Hiro Boga for being such a wonderful teacher to me about this topic and many others.

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