My running buddy of twenty plus years and I do a trail run in the local forest. At the turn-around point is a grande eucalyptus.

This magnificent tree now gets a hug from both of us each time we arrive at this point. It is a ritual that started on a run when one of us was suffering the trials of life and the tree hug seemed a salve to the pain of being lost and uncertain.

The hug, such a simple gesture, allows a moment of stopping, a breath, a connection to sentience that operates at a different speed to us humans. We are reminded, in the hug, of a larger pattern of life that we are a small, often disconnected, yet significant, part of.

Swirling in my being on this glorious morning were thoughts about speed…and how our addiction to fast squeezes out all the people, places and other living things that are not moving at our speed.

Indeed, in our haste, we step right over elements of our own being that move slowly and require a different frequency of attention.




The most important conversations with ourselves and others?

These things cannot be rushed.

In our haste to achieve and gain and accumulate, we leave our most precious aspects of self behind.

Is it a wonder then that there is an increased sense of being lost and alienated in our world today?

What might you do today to pause, reconnect to what matters most, and listen to the conversation calling you from below the noise of fast?

Photo taken March 18th 2014

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