How to create the shape and space to support collective brilliance

Have you ever been in an environment that feels so supportive that your very best self shows up and surprises even you?

The potential for creating environments that support humans in their unique individuality to be their best is one of the greatest challenges and opportunities for civilisation. 

We think mistakenly that those humans who go above and beyond achievement have some solo inner drive to do so. “Survival of the fittest” says that this is an individual quality. 

We worship the hero. The lone rugged individual that rises like the phoenix through the ashes. We pay obscene salaries to these people. We give them fame and glory. All the while dismissing those who do not do this as lazy or incapable.

Perhaps we might consider that it requires an environment, a context, and ecology, a social community, to support individual human brilliance. A collective.

Not one or the other, but both and. The individual drive within a set of conditions and society that enable that drive to come to life.

This lives in the principle of Synergy. For the collective human mind to be exponentially greater than any one mind, we need to create a context, a set of conditions, that enables this to be so.

This is not haphazard. This is carefully considered design by steward leaders who know how to create the shape and space to support collective brilliance.

And it is creating this type of context that is central to the work of Syntropic World.

No human, no creature, is redundant in a Syntropic World.

Photo taken January 19th 2021


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