If we want a world with a future we need to do what today seems impossible.

We get to choose. Do we go with the crowd. The safe way. The well worn path. The path that has accepted that to trash our home planet, to exploit people and living things, is the way.

Or do we turn and ask what is a better way, a way that does not exploit, extract to extinction..

The impossible is impossible until it becomes possible. 

By choosing this path, know, with eyes wide open, that this is the path you are choosing. That it is hard. It will test every part of you. There will be many days, many months, when it feels too hard, too big, overwhelming…

Be sure to surround yourself with people who keep you sane, ask you brilliant questions, hold you up when collapse is all you desire…

This is not a solo path. 

Impossible is possible with impossibly wonderful people.

*Thanks to my impossibly wonderful people. Nat, Tony, Ashtara, Cindy, Mark, Murray, Robyn…and so many others…

Photo taken January 19th, 2020