Those people brave enough to hold us when the snot is streaming from our nose and we can hardly stand for the pain.

And do so without judgement. Holding. Holding. Until we finally find our feet again.

Who point out to us the screaming blind spots, even when we refuse to hear. And point again, persistently, with love, because we do not hear. They know we need to see. They know that for us to finally see what we cannot will set whole aspects of our life free.

Friends are those we would be wise to trust enough, because their guidance is directed by love for us to become fully whole.

Who share the history of time with us. Those memories that build a life.

Who, when the going gets tough, do not leave the room. But rather stand in the heat of our meltdown, because love wins and endures with friends.

Friends require cultivation. A steady hand over time. Commitment. Investment. Giving.

In the field of true friendship we all rise to greater dimensions.

It matters not that you count the numbers of friends, only that those friends you have see you, in all your blurred magnificence, and celebrate fully with you as you rise.

Today, I bow in gratitude to my friends.

Photo taken 18th February 2014

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