Contagious Motivation

January 1st, sitting at my coffee shop with the Pacific ocean as my vista, the sun on my bare skin, and two friends I had not seen in a long time show up.

We talk about this blog, how exactly one year ago, it arrived as an idea, and I committed to writing for 365 days.

Inspired, they have left to get busy crafting their own project.

Our being is contagious.

The question, what is the contagion we are spreading?

Do we spread inspiration, happiness, health?

Simply by arriving, do we infect people with a spark that lights the flame towards their own desire?

If you knew that simply by being, by the field you create by being, you can spread the happiness, kindness, peacefulness, acceptance meme, would you focus on that? Rather than some lofty goal of empires and accumulation?

On this day, a day of beginnings, how do you want to be in the world?

Photo taken January 1st 2019


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