What aspect of self would you seek to amplify this year? What quality, skill, attribute?

If you amplify this one particular element you know you will move closer to your wholeness, your sovereignty.

It is the part of you you have been keeping a little too small, a little safe. Exposure and amplification might change the entire ecology of your life…and that is daunting. 

To amplify also means to change…to turn up the volume, to highlight…and with that lies the potentiality of failing, falling down, not being seen, not being invited to…in this too might lie your vulnerability and reluctance to amplify.

Who has your back as you amplify? Who will keep you focused, keep your gaze on the distant horizon that amplification brings? Who will lift you up when the naysayers and trolls come out of their dark places, suckering on the power of your destruction? Who will hold your hand, steady…steady…saying, without words…”I am here.”

In 2020 I desire to amplify the story of a future that says we can create a more beautiful world for Earth and all of her creatures. We can write a new story, create new models, build from a clean sheet of paper…I desire to amplify my voice as the story teller, towards this future I know is possible. To focus instead on the possible and probable when people come together synergistically. Syntropy. Syntropic Enterprises. To refuse to get caught in the web of entropy. Ultimately to amplify my story of this, to take the stage, to speak and be seen inhabiting and animating this story.

Lucky me, I have a team travelling with me….we have each others back. In eternal gratitude and thanks to Tony, Natalie, Ashtara, Cindy, Cynthia, Robyn, Murray, and so many others..…and you, my beloved readers…for being my witness on this journey.

If you would like to declare what it is you seek to amplify, please do so…I would be honoured to be your witness. (reply or post a comment)

Photo taken January 1st 2020


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