Leaders who dare

Leaders who dare

To do what is right. Against all odds.

Against a system that is designed to reward the few off the backs of the many.

Where we celebrate the kings of commerce for their wealth achieved by extracting and exploiting, as if not paying their people a living wage is admirable.

In what Universe is that admirable?

Or governments who cry about refugee’s and asylum seekers as if they are vermin, yet they were the ones that set the refugee’s countries on fire with war, poverty, corruption, crime and climate change making living safely and with dignity impossible.

Or the elite who claim to have the formula to fix the world. Would you invite an arsonist to become the firefighter?

Leaders who dare. You say thanks for your tax breaks, but here..we will give it to those who are paying tax and have nothing left to live on. (Thanks Patagonia)

Leaders who dare. You say, here. I made it into politics by refusing to be brought by any company. I will raise my campaign funds through people, openly and with complete transparence.

Leaders who dare. You say, capitalism is broken. I will turn my global company into a Syntropic Enterprise with capped dividends and executive salaries and much more, because, after all – there is enough to go around and our future depends on us being the change. Or I pay all of my employees a minimum wage of $70,000. Thank you Dan Price.

Leaders who dare – aged between 6 and 18, to walk out of class to say…climate change is real and we want our politicians to take us seriously.

Leaders who dare are not defined by age, title, status, wealth, ethnicity, gender. They are defined by values that transcend their own limited self. And the actions they take are towards a world with a future for earth and all her creatures.

Leaders who dare. Thank you.

Photo taken January 20th 2021

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