In the rollercoaster of life each of us experiences adversity.

To the night, the dawn. To the up the down.

To the joys, the tribulations.

Each adversity gives us an opportunity to choose how we respond.

Age and wisdom teaches us (hopefully) that the point of adversity is how we respond, not the adversity itself.

How we respond.

Do we take it personally?

Do we blame?

Do we fold into the easy blanket of victim hood that carries with it the equivalent seed of powerlessness?

Do we lash out, coil up, spit?

Do we pause, take a breath, gain perspective, ask better questions, seek to understand?

In the magnificent field of life the world that is in front of us is our servant, teacher, classroom, trainer. All of it.

The adversity, the savage, the cruel, the beloved.

How do you respond? Choose today, to take a breath.

Photo taken 31st May 2015

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