If we are going to create a world with a future we do need to address the polarity that exists currently in our world, be that between the left and right, the green and blue, the money and the poor, the men and women, the young and old, those who believe in human-created climate derangement and those who do not, those who wear a white skin and those who wear any other colour..…

Polarity by nature can only explode when the charge becomes too strong. Too much emotion, too much diversity of opinion, too much power…

It collapses when the charge is too weak. Not enough care, not enough love, not enough diversity, not enough change.

The dance of polarity is what holds the shape of systems and relationships.

To step fully into a conversation with your polar opposite, the people you hold as wrong, bad, ignorant, greedy…name your poison…and to do so with one key intention…the intention to understand them and their world view and how they arrived at it…is to take a bold step towards diminishing the polarising charge that grips the world.

To not do this, to not care enough, is to be part of the collapse. To incite more polarisation is to be part of the explosion.

Photo taken January 22nd, 2020 


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