More time relishing in the sweet agony of boredom

An addiction could be simply described as a something, be that a drug, a food, a habit, an activity; having more control over us than we have over it.

Most of us are addicted to something. The evidence is found in the absolute need. A form of fundamentalism. Sometimes this appears as a soft, healthy absolutism. 

I must do this much exercise. I must do “x” amount of miles a week of running/cycling/walking.  I cannot eat this, or that. 

I have seen many an athlete move from healthy to obsessive to addicted. I have been there myself.

I have noticed over the course of the last few years my own addiction to the news cycle, moving off Facebook and getting caught in the snare of Twitter, and the regular news. 

We do not need Hollywood drama to keep us entertained, we have been provided with drama after drama, day after day…and the addiction happened with our even knowing it. 

That high we get when we watch the global soap opera, this time played in real life and affecting real people. Millions of people. 

The irony is not lost that it has been dictated by a person who made more money and fame from being a reality TV star, the most crafted form of media reality propaganda we had until the reality star moved from TV to one of the most consequential roles on the global stage.

I feel the tentacles of the drama hook of this addictive cycle so firmly sucked into my psyche that I know a serious intervention is required. 

Perhaps you might join me in a drama hook extraction. 21 days of unplugging from the delicious drug hit of adrenaline and cortisol. A short time to reclaim personal sovereignty over the news/drama hook cycle.

Where instead will you choose to spend your time? 

For me, reading long form works, including books, backed by in depth research. More time in beauty, more time focused on the world I want to see rise from the ashes. More time relishing in the sweet agony of boredom.

21 days from today takes us to February 14th, LOVE day. A return to love for a world with a future. A perfect metaphor.

Photo taken January 24th 2021

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