Beauty – it carries elements of awe, joy, love, grace, delight and integrity.

Awe – stops us in our tracks. We simply must be still to appreciate at the level of awe. The cultivation of awe is as good a meditation as any I know.

Joy – bubbles from an overflowing well  that, if we pause to consider, is always abundant. Even in times of grief, joy is silently there…. ready to replenish our brokenness. Once joy is released  she is insistent on staying in the light for as long as possible.

Love – to be present to beauty is to be present to love. Love is the field, the glue, the metaphysical gravity of everything.

Grace – reminds us that we humans are a tiny fractal of immensity beyond our comprehension. Grace will arrive and disarm us completely. Grace is a constancy, if we had but eyes to see and a heart open enough to receive.

Delight – the wonder of our child self, allowing the light to saturate our being. Tingled with mischief. Dancing with unwatched abandon. Tasting the fruits of pleasure.

And integrity = wholeness = complete. Nothing missing. Never more than needed. Holding its shape and form in this moment in time. We know integrity in our soul if we trusted ourselves enough.

To be present to beauty is to be present to all of these qualities and more.

Beautiful life, beautiful business, beautiful soul.

Photo taken 26th July 2015

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