Ethics requires vigilance

Our brilliance is never far from our darkness.

It is in the wilful knowing that we are but a heart beat from being the perpetrator that we hold ourselves to a higher order.

It is from this place as well that we find compassion. “I too looked into that abyss, and but for another, or my cultural heritage, or a whole sequence of fortunate events, I could have made that choice.”

This in distinction to righteousness, which is its own form of ethical violation, and one I know well enough.

Be it at the personal, organisational or political level, the agreement to cross the ethical line is often disguised in a seductive voice. It offers us a feast for our longing.

So easy does she tempt us. The siren call.

To have people in our lives who have the courage to call us on our self deceptions, which is the beginning of all greater deceptions, is essential.

To do this with deliberation, particularly if we are entering into a role of great influence, is to be wise to our humanity. It is not that we might not trust ourselves, rather it is that in the frey of busy-ness and complexity, we might trip into our own unseen darkness.

*originally published March 5th 2019

Photo taken January 25th 2021