To be colonised

From Latin, colonus, the tiller of the soil, farmer; the act of colonisation became ‘to make another place into a national dependency’ without regard of those who existed there in the first place.

In the history of mankind we colonisers have looked at our past as a sign of might and power. 

Survival of the fittest. He who has the most gunpowder and force, as winner takes all.

This archetype of the strong man conqueror is still alive and well. I am thoroughly tired of it, and see only bluster and bravado built on a house of cards.

As we grow up and become aware of the consequences of our actions, we might look at the colonising impulse for what it is. 

Imagine if a group of people descended onto your home property and pitched a tent, and a flag, in your front yard. You might well object. Surely this is not ‘right?’

What element of humanity says I have the right to this and you do not? Massive volumes of law have been constructed to protect ‘our’ property rights, completely neglecting that most of the heritable wealth and power came off the back of colonisation and its bed partner, slavery.

Have we grown up enough as humanity to recognise that this impulses to own, enslave, belittle, reduce, marginalise, and keep forever down, other humans, including those who have been at effect off colonisation for hundreds of years…is a reflection of our own fear, inadequacy, scarcity, arrogance, ignorance and greed? 

The last laugh is being had by those few tech titans who hold the media power, for indeed the algorithms have colonised the colonisers minds, scraping our emotions, our interiors, into one of the most powerful weapons of spell casting and propaganda. 

Today in Australia there is a public holiday to celebrate the birth of our nation. This day was the day the British put a flag in the precious earth of what we now call Australia and said, “Ours for the taking.”

I would hope that we will become mature enough in the next few years to create a different date, one chosen by inviting all Australians, including the first peoples and our newest citizen, to choose a day that celebrates who we are now and all that we might become together.

Photo taken June 10th 2016

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