The epic battle of the dark and the light inside of us…

Some days it is easy. Joy bubbles.

Beauty flows.

The person projecting their anger at us fails to disrupt our state. We send them grace wrapped in love.

Other days, demons peck at our heart strings with relentless persistence.

Scavenger thoughts wake us at night gnawing at our soul.

What is calling our attention? Is it a pattern that needs to be transformed?

Have we taken on the dark energy of others?

Is our soul crying out to ensure we find our true path from which we have strayed?

Even in the turmoil, when tentacles of irritation and fear grip us, beholding beauty, pausing to connect with love, breathing in the pheromones of nature… these actions will always aid us to rise above the snappy angry demons far quicker than feeding the  hungry hollow beasts.


Photo taken 28th January 2018

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