Three stages of relationship

Human relationships are going through change.

For a very long time we had a clear definition of the masculine/feminine roles. There are many labels for this. Traditional, patriarchal.

The masculine as the dominant, the bread winner, the driver. The feminine as carer, homemaker, submissive. Everyone knew their place.

Then with the rise of feminism women earned their own money, became independent and the roles entered an undifferentiated zone. Confusion reigns. Young men have no idea how to be men around women who do not submit. Polarity collapsed, and in its collapse, divisiveness arose. Violence and anger a response to relationships that have no definition, no polarity to hold its shape.

The third stage, one that few have entered, is the place where both partners are both sovereign as individuals and committed to the whole of the relationship. They consciously design polarity into their relationship, choosing how they want to do this, as a partnership. The polarity is what enables the relationship to hold its shape.

Because this third stage has few role models, there is a push by some who have built global platforms to return to the traditional model.

This is a form of regression and it will stifle the arrow of emergence. How we do intimate human relationships, how we do working relationships…the form and structure of relationships is changing.

The purpose – to enable individual agency and sovereignty within the consciously chosen boundary of the relationship that allows both the relationship as an entity and the individuals within to flourish towards higher orders of wellbeing.

*this topic is covered in the podcast with Robb Smith

Photo Taken January 29th, 2017


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