Business for good. Why not?

For too long we have held the business hero as the one making the most profit in dollars, failing to look at the costs – the all-in-accounting from inception to resource use to final rest.

And then there are companies like Outland Denim. Their purpose is to end modern slavery. To have the product they make and sell to those who can pay for a high end jean be as sustainable as possible, enabling education, care, and training of the usually exploited.

Most humans I know want to spend their time working on things that matter towards a more beautiful world for all.

Business for good. Hell yes to that. The world does not need another billionaire.

We need dignified work, respect for all humans and Earth and her creatures. We need to know when enough is enough. We need to consider the all-in-costs in all domains of our activity, not just for our short term gain, but for our grandchildren’s children.


Photo Taken January 31st, 2019


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