Every beginning seeks an initiation. There is a threshold to be crossed.

From asleep to awake.

From solo to partnered.

From unknown to known.

From teen to adult.

How we honour and respect the threshold crossing of our life sets the stage for what the new holds.

One of my most cherished habits is to get enough sleep. By enough I mean that I wake naturally, well before an alarm.

This gives me the delicious experiencing of waking.

For some time I cruise the liminal space between sleep and wakefulness. It is my most creative time. Effortless. Spacious.

Surfing the waves of ideas that arise, or addressing the pressures that will not be silenced and insist on being attended to.

Consider what thresholds you might be crossing? How might you invite elegance, respect and beauty into the process?

Photo taken, February 8th 2014

Beauty Of Beginnings

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